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Which Flexpak Products Do You Need?

Collaborate with our team to create the perfect solution for your products, with variety of options to meet all your needs.

We ensure your product gets the best brand recognition, extended shelf life, and customer experience available.

Flexpak offers production of flexible, polyethylene products and multiple choices of printed or non-printed, laminated products with on-demand warehousing facilities across Australia.


• Coffee
• Carbonated
• Dairy
• Juice

• Non-carbonated
• Tea
• Water


• Bakery
• Cereal
• Confectionary
• Pasta

• Ready Meals
• Small Goods
• Snack Foods


• Dairy
• Fruit & Vegetables
• Meat

• Pet food
• Poultry

• Seafood


• Agriculture
• Dry Cleaning
• Fashion

• Food Ingredients
• Manufacturing
• Mulch/Soil

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